What is “The Cloud”?


What is “The Cloud”?

digital cloudIn 2016, Samsung Electronics commissioned a study of smart phone and computer users to determine how well they understood the meaning of some computer terms, both technical and slang. They found that many people thought that they understood common computer, internet and technical terms, but in fact did not. One of the most commonly misunderstood terms is, “The Cloud.”

Many people think that “The Cloud” is something like radio waves, light waves or other types of electronic signals. Vaguely, they thought that the entire planet is now covered in some type of electronic blanket that “runs” our cell phones, laptops, ROKUs and other devices. If that were true, life for an internet marketing agency like AXIOM might be simpler.

All internet communication would go directly from the users device to the cloud and then to the devices of another user or provider. There would be no switching routers (sorry, Cisco), bottle necks, gateways, etc. to slow things down. A single set of SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and services, and digital marketing solutions would work in Brooklyn or Borneo. Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

Actually, the cloud is a vast collection of computer servers. These are special types of computers that answer requests from users (clients), make computations, run complex programs, and so on. Some servers are used to simply store data (like Google Drive) while others run applications or deliver a “service.” Google’s Chromebook Computers depend heavily on the cloud for both data storage and program functions, and all smartphones and their apps use the cloud extensively.

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