The Power of Video Marketing


The Power of Video Marketing

marketgingAre you using video content to advance your branding strategy? Video marketing is no longer the new kid on the block of internet and social media marketing. It is very much a “here and now” way to communicate that branding strategy and to achieve the digital marketing solution you need.

This is evermore true across all demographics and in almost all markets. Video is a way to expose your branding strategy, your brand story, to explain your product or service and build relationships with customers. According to HubSpot, a leading maker of software tools for social media marketing, 80 percent of customers recall a video clip consumed in the past 30 days. This includes customers and consumers from adolescents to seniors.

A recent Axiom communication pointed out that the internet, social media and online video watching is now very much a part of the senior lifestyle. If your branding strategy is using social media only as a platform for reaching younger generations, you are probably missing out. Seniors, especially Baby Boomers are a powerful consumer demographic.

Why is video so effective in reaching seniors? Because Boomers love video for the same reasons as other age groups – video goes beyond demographic factors and reaches all of us with what it means to experience life. That experience might be pleasant, as in riding in a new convertible or walking on a beach. It might be problematic, like discovering that your roof needs repair or your trees need trimming. It could be instructive, as in explaining Medicare benefits or tax rules.

What kind of video marketing/branding strategy appeals to the senior lifestyle?  There are as many ways to approach video marketing/branding strategy with seniors as with any other group, but here are some hints.

  • Do not assume the audience is just like your grandmother or grandfather; many seniors relate very well to material that would appeal to younger generations. Avoid stereotypes.
  • Use the right references and avoid any terms that may seem patronizing. Do not refer to limitations, but appeal to seniors in the light in which they want to be seen.
  • Provide video content that is insightful and offers tips on making the most from life.
  • Baby Boomers are highly optimistic about their futures, so make them feel they are having the best time of their lives.

AXIOM Administrative Services is particularly well positioned to help you tap into the senior lifestyle market and reach senior consumers using video. Axiom is based in one of the most senior-centric population areas in the United States – the central and east-central geography of Florida. Axiom has long experience in producing and using video material on websites and on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Using these tools, Axiom has helped one of its senior-oriented clients achieve an enviable growth over the past two and a half years.

In mid-2016, did not even exist, and its forerunner, Finding Assisted Living, had only begun to make an impact. In the months that followed, has expanded from its Volusia-Flagler base to cover seven of the most senior-friendly counties in Florida (or the entire nation). Along the way, has attracted partners like Humana Health, The Volusia Flagler Family YMCA and Plan Life Care.  Take a look at some examples of Axiom’s video work, done for and placed on social media platforms.

Besides its video production, web maintenance and social media management functions, AXIOM Administrative Services also creates and manages direct mail efforts for A big part of this client’s success is due to the digital marketing solutions and branding strategies that Axiom has created. If you are trying to reach this important demographic group, let Axiom connect you to today. Our business marketing team can combine traditional marketing tools like direct mail advertising with local SEO services to build your branding strategy. Please visit Axiom’s small business services page or call Axiom at 800-888-6348.

Meanwhile take a look at this recent e-mail promotion produced by Axiom for

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