Why Make Coupon or Discount Offers to Seniors?


Why Make Coupon or Discount Offers to Seniors?

OurSeniorsDiscounts.netThis question sometimes comes up when discussing the rationale for senior marketing. Why should a merchant, shop owner or service provider give a special deal to 55+ or seniors? The answer is simple – it is good business, that’s why!

We have often made the point that senior patrons are brand loyal, repeat customers. The problem is that if a senior is accustomed to using the services of your competitors or shopping in another store, that quality of loyalty works against you. How can you break this established habit? One dependable way is by using senior discounts or special coupon offers. The potential customer is incentivized to at least try your product or service.

As a typical internet marketing agency, Axiom does a lot of branding strategies for all types of organizations. We know that branding your business as “senior-friendly’” or “senior-oriented,” is one of the most effective ways to get and keep repeat customers. These patrons can form the base of successful marketing campaigns.

It is easy to prove this to yourself. Go to Google, Bing or a search engine of your choice and enter a search term like “Senior discounts” or “senior coupons. The results pages will be full of offers from national companies offering seniors some incentive to buy from them. These are names you know, like Hertz Car Rental, Kohls Stores and other nationwide outlets. These people have professional marketing departments and outside agencies that tell them exactly what we at Axiom are saying: senior customers are golden.

For some time now, Axiom has been associated with a Central Florida organization that can help you to crack the senior market. OurSeniorsDiscounts.net can help you with senior-specific marketing on a local basis in Volusia, Flagler, Seminole, Orange and nearby counties. Find out now what the senior marketing pros at OurSeniorsdiscounts.net can do for you. Take a look at their YouTube presence, The OurSeniors.net Channel or their social media presence OurSeniorsDiscounts.net on Facebook.

You can find out more by clicking this LINK or calling Axiom at 800-888-6348. If you are specifically interested in senior-oriented market programs, contact an OurSeniors.net Advisor at 866-333-2657 or by using OurSeniors.net, Contact Us. Or find out about the OurSeniorsDiscounts coupon program by contacting OurSeniorsDiscounts.net.

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