SEO is Vital to Your Car Dealership


SEO is Vital to Your Car Dealership

Today, having a presence on the Internet is crucial to any business. People no longer look in the Yellow Pages to find businesses they want; they go to the Internet and ‘Google’ instead.

Just having an online presence is not enough, however. You must first start out with a web design that is engaging, informative and visually appealing to car buyers. Hiring anyone who knows how to design a website can make a website, but you also need someone who knows about the effective use of Internet marketing and search engine optimization. This is best done by hiring an SEO company that knows online marketing and SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for ‘search engine optimization,’ and involves techniques, tactics and strategies used on a website that will give it a high ranking in search engine (such as Yahoo!) results; thus drawing more traffic and customers to your dealership website.

SEO is aimed at providing ‘organic’ or natural results in search engine results. This means that the process aims at putting your website at the top of search results through SEO activities, rather than paying the search engine to appear at the top of the results. As much as 75% of searchers never look past the first page of results, so it is imperative that you end up on the first page.

In general, a search engine will list websites that it deems dependable and relevant to the search query. They send out web ‘crawlers’ or ‘spiders’ that analyze website content and determine the dependability and relevancy. Dependability, or authoritative content is often based on the number of links to other related pages a website has; thus expressing that others in related fields find a website a good source of information. The pertinent information about the website is indexed by the search engine and kept ready for inquiries.

Use of Keywords

One of the most important tools used in SEO are keywords, or keyword phrase (commonly referred to simply as a keyword). A keyword is a word or phrase that relates to the website business or service, and they are words that are used when making a query. The more automotive-based words used on your website, the higher it will appear in search results and the more traffic it is likely to receive. Part of the use of keywords is accomplished by blog creation and placing new content containing keywords. A blog or newsletter containing news or tips related to the auto industry would be an excellent way to add fresh content. New content will cause the web crawlers to visit the site for indexing more often, thus finding more relevancy for certain inquiries.

What This Means to Your Dealership

Getting organic traffic to your dealership website depends on the effective use of all SEO tactics. Contracting with an SEO company with experience is important to your website’s success. They must know how to use keywords to your best advantage; title tag and meta description use; link building and content publishing.

Nine out of ten consumers will take to the Internet when they are looking to buy a car, and when they make a search, your dealership needs to be the one at the top of the list. Effective SEO use can put you there.

SEO tactics need to be specific to your dealership and your area. Being at the top of the list for a search in Florida is not much good when your dealership is in California. 

Demand Proof of Results

Have an SEO company analyze your website results prior to putting a new program into place. Find out how effective your current marketing online is doing and then compare results once your new marketing campaign has been in place. Learn how many organic searches produced a click on your site and what keywords were used. Obtain a percentage of clicks to actual walk-in buyers.

Axiom Internet Marketing is an SEO company that will work with you side-by-side to create an online marketing campaign that will get your car dealership to the top of the list when queries are made. We will design a program using all the SEO tools in our arsenal so that you will see the kind of results that will bring new leads and new sales to your business.




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