Your Mailing List, A Valuable Asset


Your Mailing List, A Valuable Asset

Direct mail marketingMost small business owners, service providers or professional practitioners do not think of their mailing list as an asset. It is just something that they come by in normal, day-to-day operation. That is wrong!  An accurate and up-to-date mailing list is a valuable tool and an important part of your ‘intellectual capital.’

Small businesses, especially startups are commonly short of both liquid and hard assets, but most of them are run by resourceful owners. Their mailing lists are an example of what accountants call an ‘intangible asset.’ Today, intangible assets and intellectual property make up a big part of the value of any business or professional practice.

Think for a moment about what you would do without your business mailing list. How would this affect your branding strategies, your direct mail marketing, the SEO strategy used by an internet marketing agency or your newsletter producer? Many of the digital marketing solutions you now employ would be damaged or gone. Every client, patient or customer on a mailing list has voluntarily given this information, expecting that your enterprise will use it to provide updates, promotions and material of mutual interest to themselves and you.

Imagine that you are comparing two lawn service companies, thinking that you might buy one of them. The two enterprises are exactly alike except that Mike’s Lawn Care has a mailing list with 2,500 customers, referrals and other contacts. Bill’s Lawn Service has a static website built with a cheap web design from a local SEO services company that uses a free webpage template. Bill has no mailing list. Mike uses his mailing list to send a quarterly newsletter to established customers and contacts reminding them of the time to fertilize, to spray for pests or to plant garden ornamentals. Each quarter, he gets about a ½ of 1% response rate. That is 125 people who inquire about spraying, planting or fertilizing.

They have the same equipment, same employees, and same customer base, but Mike is using his mailing list as a business tool. Mike understands that a mailing list can be an important part of branding strategies, direct mail marketing and direct mail advertising, as well as digital marketing solutions. Which of these businesses do you think is more valuable?

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